Duke of Arrogance (Dukes of Distinction Book #4)


Jonathan Sutton had never planned on becoming the Duke of Blackmore since it had always been his twin brother, Archer’s, rite of passage. Unfortunately, Archer and the current duke pass away, one after the other, making Jon the new Duke of Blackmore. Jon pledges to live this life for Archer and himself by acting as one of the leading rakes in London, constantly bending rules and bedding women. That is until one Arabella Jennings shows up to change the world he’s always known. Arabella had grown up as the daughter of an Oxford don, a small-town, educational life. Since the passing of her father’s eldest brothers, the Earl of Barrington title had been passed to him, meaning their quiet life was over. As Arabella tries to fit into Polite Society, will she manage to claim London’s biggest rake? Or will she fall into his charm trap like every other lady in the ton?

Ms. Aston’s “Duke of Arrogance” is like a waltz of enchanting emotions, dancing readers through the dreamy details of London’s Polite Society with plenty of grace and a hint of sexual tension.  The novel’s beginning is pretty unrealistic, with so much death happening, it feels the author forced the lovers’ fate. Nonetheless, one will fall for the Duke of Blackmore’s tragic upcoming and cry for Arabella’s struggles as they find their way to one another in this enchanting story. The plot is also paced a bit too fast, making it difficult for readers to grow a solid attachment to them. Overall, though, the language and plot beautifully represented the era and will draw the reader into this quick-witted London romance.

Austen Grace