The Duke’s Scandalous Kiss: De Wolfe Pack Connected World


A stolen kiss between the Duke of Everleigh and Lorna de Wolfe thrusts these two down a road neither thought possible.  Lorna for one has never had the desire to fall in love, not wanting to risk putting herself through possible heartbreak.  Everleigh is known for being rather flirtatious, enjoying the life of an unattached bachelor.  However, all that changes with one kiss.  Now, Lorna is facing emotions she does not want to have, while Everleigh puts aside his feelings in order finish some other business he cannot ignore.  With the pressure of society and family, the two hearts are put to the test.  In the end, Lorna and Everleigh must decide if love is worth waiting for and risking one’s heart for.

Readers who love the De Wolfe family are sure to enjoy this quick and sweet romance.  The book does stand on its own; however, one might find the story easier to follow if familiar with the world and characters.  The friendship between Lorna and Everleigh may start of in a rather scandalous way, but their relationship is more innocent than the title may suggest and never strays too far from proper societal etiquette.  The changes the two characters must go through make for an interesting plotline, drawing readers into their journey.  Many events are packed into this short story and, although intriguing, most are sadly glossed over in order to reach the conclusion.  Although the story is short, readers will enjoy getting a glimpse into Lorna and Everleigh’s love story.

Amy Cefoldo