The Duke’s Protector (The Duke’s Guard Series Book Two)


Sean O’Malley has a job to do and it’s going to be a painful one. Determined to find out who is after Earl Lippincott and Lady Aurelia, he ends up at the Modiste and rescues the beautiful Mignonette de Chauret when the shop she works in is broken into. The only gowns missing are Lady Aurelia’s and this intrigues Sean, but not as much as the beautiful woman he had in his arms. After a fight lands him with a potentially life changing wound, Sean decides that it might be time to consider giving love a chance and knows exactly who he wants – the beautiful dark haired woman he found in the shop. Will they get their chance at a happily ever after? Or will whoever is after the Duke ruin any chance of happiness for both of them?

This is an intriguing story and there is a definite whodunit element. Sean O’Malley is a fantastic character who is Irish through and through. The dialogue is spot-on, as are the descriptions of the streets and surroundings. This book has so much going for it, fans of historical romance and suspense will find something to sink their teeth into. The tension between Sean and Mignonette is intense, and there is a need for them to give into their feelings and get together. They make a good team, and given the enemies they are battling, they’re going to need all the help they can get. Another great addition to the Duke’s Guard series! 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick