The Duke’s Fallen Angel - (Devilish Dukes 0.5)


Drake, the Duke of Ravenscar, feels tremendous pressure to make the Chadwick Theatre a big success. Having booked the premiere ballerina Mademoiselle Taglioni for the theatre’s opening, Drake is feeling confident. However, the famous dancer bails on him, at the eleventh hour. A talented understudy, Britannia LeClair, is brought in to take her place. However, Drake, in a state of outrage and panic, is initially skeptical of her skills. Britannia is determined to seize the opportunity, while refusing to become anyone’s mistress. She is also looking to solve the mystery of her true parentage.  However, it soon becomes obvious that someone is trying to scare Britannia… Or worse.  Despite Drake’s overtures, Britannia keeps their relationship professional. However, Drake is still determined to keep his star ballerina out of harm’s way.

This prelude to the Devilish Dukes series is refreshingly unique and suspenseful!! The fun is in watching Britannia, a single-minded ballerina, challenge the entitled and arrogant Duke of Ravenscar. The suspense elements gave the leisurely romance a nudge of excitement. Mentioning Taglioni, a real historical figure, is also a nice touch. However, the plot, intended to give Britannia some aristocratic connection, nearly spiraled out of control. Britannia’s occupation, and illegitimacy, would make an official and public relationship with a Duke, highly improbable. That said, if one can overlook some unlikely plot points, overall, this is a delightful Georgian period romance. This series starter lays a solid foundation for future installments. Historical romance lovers will want to get in at the start of what looks to be an exciting and promising new series!! 

Julie Whiteley