The Duke’s Defiant Angel (Dukes Gone Dirty Book 1)


William “Raff” Cooper, Duke of Ruffian, a confirmed bachelor, attends Dalton’s ball and decides to wed. At the ball, Raff sees Evangeline “Angie” Dalton. The attraction is instantaneous. Raff dubs her his Angel and wants her as his wife. Angel is painfully shy yet holds a secret: she is in love with someone else. But she is forced to marry William due to her family’s failing finances. As Angie adjusts to her new life, she opens up to William physically and emotionally. The more time she spends with William, the more Angie realizes that she really adores him. Unfortunately, Angie’s first crush, Albert, also wants her. William isn’t going to give Angel up without a fight. Albert does have devious intentions to destroy Evangeline unless William can stop him without losing his heart to his angel.

An interesting, spicy novella that definitely isn’t your run of the mill historical! This plot feels quite staid though, and there is little new besides all the bed sport that readers will find exciting. The plot jumps around a bit which is pretty jarring, and makes the story not flow smoothly. The quiet, mousy Evangeline is initially in love with someone else which is what makes the tale unique. Sure, Evangeline eventually falls for William, even though he does nothing to charm her. When he assumes he knows what is best for Angel and gives her commands, refusing to take no for an answer, is a bit grating. Flaws aside, Ms. Moxie has definitely written a very steamy Regency that is an entertaining read!

Roslynn Ernst