Duet For Three Hands


Nathaniel Fye dedicated his life to becoming a concert pianist and all of his hard work has paid off handsomely. With a grueling touring schedule and worldwide acclaim, he should be on top of the world. That degree of devotion comes with a price, though. His closest friend is his agent and he’s never had time for love. So when an enchantress like Frances Bellmont asserts her feminine wiles, he’s powerless to resist.

Lydia Tyler hates the scent of flowers. Their sweet fragrance only reminds her of the loving husband she lost much too young. Now the widowed mother of two daughters, she must soldier on. Thankfully, she still has her piano—her one constant source of peace and solace.   

Artfully constructed and soulfully delivered, “Duet For Three Hands” is a gem among the stones. Rich and moving, it fills the mind with cinematic scenes, poignant moments, and delicately designed words. One feels like a participant rather than a mere outside observer, learning to care for and champion the endeavors of each character. With masterfully multi-layered story lines and wonderfully unpredictable outcomes, this book will remain in one’s memory for many years to come. Brava, Ms. Thompson! Your hard work and dedication has paid off handsomely.

Sofia St. Angeles