With Dreams Only Of You: The Legend of the Theodosia Sword

Kathryn Le Veque, Suzan Tisdale, Eva Devon,
Eliza Knight, Cynthia Wright, Christi Caldwell

This multigenerational anthology centers on the legend of the gladius, the Theodosia Sword, and the lives it affects. From its inception in 124 A.D., when a soldier awaiting inevitable death at the hands of his enemy inscribes in the sword his deep, eternal love for his wife, to contemporary times where the anthology concludes, this gladius follows the de Reyne family and their struggles with the legend. Each generation strives for love and happiness but must contend with their individual beliefs in the power of the sword. However, life is anything but simple when the gladius and love are involved.


This beautifully written anthology transports the reader from 124 A.D. to the present as it chronicles the lives of the de Reyne family. With well-defined and endearing characters, these tales seamlessly transition from one generation to another as if each individual story was all one. However, they would have been more fluid if the posey ring was included at the beginning of the legend, rather than its introduction in Ms. Knight’s segment, due to no background given as to how it ties in with the gladius. Notwithstanding, the creative talent of each individual author shines brilliantly in every captivating story with their vividly descriptive scenes, intriguing adventure, and heartwarming romance. Realism and credibility give credence to the extensive research compiled, which aids in the presentation of this literary masterpiece, making this anthology not only entertaining and enthralling, but also magnificent. 


Janna Shay