The Dreamer (Highland Heroes Book 4)


Ian Cameron sees three boys picking on a peddler. The three boys belong to Gretna Neal, who everyone in the clan attempts to pair him with. When Ian brings the boys to Chief MacCoinnich to settle the dispute, he unwittingly becomes the three boys’ guardians and is forced to live with them—the last thing Ian wants. Despite the rowdy boys, Ian is drawn to Gretna. He even learns to love her boys. When it is suggested that Ian handfast with Gretna, Ian is agreeable to it, but the betrothal turns into marriage because of Gretna’s questionable previous marital status and past. Ian takes charge and refuses to take no for an answer, even if Gretna supposedly is a witch.

This is a sweet, beautiful, Scottish historical filled with a secret love between a widow and a mercenary. The story moves slowly in the beginning, but when it does pick up, it progresses at a decent pace with lots of charm, and the relationship progresses naturally. There are a few issues that are resolved a little too quickly, and the ending seems rushed. When the villain of the story has an abrupt departure, it seems overly convenient and really isn’t explained in much detail, which is a bit of a letdown. Gretna, the feisty healer, is really an admirable heroine, and Ian, the pessimistic warrior, is brash but appealing. Ms. Greyson writes beautifully and just has a wonderful way of telling an exceptional story filled with some wonderful characters that are very engaging, making the book a pleasure to read!

Roslynn Ernst