Draped In Green (Colors of Scandal Book Two)


Olivia Beaumont has lost everything. Her Father gambled their money in a game of faro, and they lost everything to a Duke. Olivia can only think of one thing, revenge. The one downside is that she has to ask the Duke of Skeffington for help, and he does not have the best reputation. Lewis Sexton became embroiled in a scandal, and now all he wants to do is find solace in the bottom of a bottle. However, when Olivia asks him for help, he is immediately fascinated and agrees to help her with her plan, and they get to work. Even though the plan is not exactly well thought out, they begin to grow close. Will they find happiness with one another? Or will their plan be the ruin of them both?

This novel has everything a reader could ask for! A bad guy, a strong and determined heroine and a Duke who has had his fair share of bad luck. The plot moves at such a pace that makes it difficult to keep track of how many pages are being read, so the book is easily finished in one sitting. The varied characters keep the story extremely entertaining and exciting, and some very steamy stolen moments add a bit of zing. A true historical romance worthy of the genre, it has to be one of the best historical romances of the year! It will not only sate those who have read the other book in the series but will have people going back to read the first book. A must-have addition to all book lists!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick