Reviews - Historical

Duke of Debauchery

The Duke of Montrose is known as the Duke of Debauchery for a good reason; his love for mistresses is only slightly outweighed by his love for booze. When a race with his best friend goes awry, Torrie is left with amnesia and Monty with a broken ankle and a belly full of guilt.

Mary Bishop

Mary Bishop’s life has been fraught with grief as of late. Having to bury both of her children and now finding her husband Earl’s lifeless body in their barn, Mary has never felt so alone. A native Virginian, Mary is now living in Wisconsin a decade after the Civil War tore the country apart.

Bella Farthingale's father has been having trouble running the family business, and now finds himself in a situation that he cannot handle. She knows that Finn Brayden can help; however, she is not sure if he will — given what happened at a recent event they were both attending. Bella is convinced that no one could ever have feelings for her so she decides to take the step and ask him.

Letter and Lies
Colleen L.

“Don’t come, I can’t marry you.” Louise Archer is convinced that this simple sentence in a telegram from her love-letter fiancé needs clarity, and she is determined to find out in person. A train ride to Dodge City is interrupted by the lies she tells a marshal, as Louise tries to cover the true reasons for her trip.

Dark Warrior
Le Veque

Cort de Russe is one of England’s premier knights. When Irish rebels invade the de Winter family’s Irish properties, Henry Tudor comes to ask for help from his trusted friend and subject.