Reviews - Historical

To save herself from heartache, Lady Katherine Moncrieffe, a thirty-three-year-old widow, has done her best to portray herself as a bluestocking following the loss of her husband, and then her fiancé. She buries herself in books, trying to create the best collection possible for her father.

Stanford Bancroft, the Duke of Asherford, is aware of his rakish nickname, “The Dangerous Duke”, one which describes his reputation well. Ophelia Breckensole, on the other hand, is a calm, collected lady of the ton who happens to be the object of Stanford’s desire. No matter how much she despises the duke, it seems nothing will stop him from trying to win her hand in marriage.

Lord Evan Corbyn oversees the spy network for England; however, although he is the son of a duke, his family believes he is a lowly grunt worker. They are embarrassed that he works for a living. Lady Jane Radcliff has two brothers who have secrets; she is curious about them—which leads her into danger at times. She’s independent and smart, and she doesn’t want to marry ‘just’ to marry.

Lord Wentworth is one of London’s most eligible and handsome bachelors and his mother has her sights set on an advantageous match. Miss Agnes Bottombrook at the age of twenty-nine feels herself firmly on the shelf and is reconciled to the idea she will never marry.

Kitty Dell is going to London for the season with her family. She is very learned and hopes to find a man equally learned to be her perfect match. Upon appearing at her first ball, she is introduced to Sir John Kullehamnd who is older, very well versed but morose.