Reviews - Historical

The Lady’s Legacy

Known as ‘Flightly’ for her quick wit and nimble feet, Francis Headley may have just the tools needed to reunite the infamous Hestia Wrist with her long-lost son. But “lost” is just what Rhys Caradec wishes to be. Having no interest in his parents’ feud, the painter wanders where inspiration draws him. When Flightly finally finds him, their attraction is immediate and undeniable.

Anne is only eleven years old when she inherits the Duchy of Brittany. Born to rule, Anne has no intention of marrying anyone less than a ruler himself. However, Brittany is threatened by war on all sides and in 1488, more than one suitor would claim the lovely Anne and all her fertile lands for themselves, including Charles VIII of France.

Fae magic runs heavily in the hills of Ireland, and although Christianity has claimed the land for its own, in 12th century Ireland, the people still respect the old ways.

REGENCY:  Nash and Robbie Powell are some of the best agents the crown has. Unfortunately, their latest assignment has forced them to utilize a family trip to Scotland for Christmastide, to hunt for a local lord who has spoken out for reform and is on the run. Capturing him is their duty, but the assignment doesn’t feel right to Nash.

Lord Henri-Antoine, a nobleman with a vast fortune, has a loving family, and is generally free from responsibility. Unfortunately, he is also plagued by seizures that leave him exhausted and his family fit to be tied. Lisa Crisp is an orphan living on the charity of cousins who see her only as a burden.