Reviews - Historical

The Wicked Husband

Willa Blake is called in the middle of the night to bring her gambling cousin the family purse. What she doesn't expect is that she will become part of the wager. She and a drunk Lord Daxton hatch a plan to elope across the border into Scotland. Lord Daxton is very surprised the next morning when he wakes up with Willa as his wife. The unexpected union sparks all sorts of scandal.

Alex MacKay returns to his former home in the Scottish Highlands at his brother the Laird’s summons to protect his clan from its enemies.  His bitterness has turned him into a ruthless warlord in the East, a powerful man feared by many, and wealthy beyond imagination.  He left when his first love married his brother.  Upon his arrival back home, he is told by his brother that Keely Oliphant ran

Pierce Baxter Maximillian Chamberlain, the Earl of Wainthorpe, is rumored to be one of London’s notorious rapscallions, a member of the Wicked Earl’s club, and his half-Munda heritage is a black mark according to the haut ton.  Pierce’s one goal?  Ruin Bertram Normand, the twelfth Baron Fairfax, the scoundrel responsible for the death of his mother.  He’s one card away from accomplishing that t

Henrietta had a simple life — that is, until she married Julian and traveled from her home in England to live with him in South Carolina. Despite not fully understanding the lifestyle of those in the south, Henrietta settles into her new life in America.

He is the eldest son and estranged heir of the Earl of Wolverhampton, who is now a renowned pirate who hides his title behind his adopted name, Lucifer.