Reviews - Historical

Tarl mac Muin desperately wants to distinguish himself in the raid against the Caesers besieging his homeland and earn his older brother’s admiration. Unfortunately, when he impulsively saves a Roman woman from a Pict ally, he wins a slave, earns an enemy, and loses his heart in the process.

The Laird’s Promise
Cassidy K.

Laird Gavin Ferguson wants to protect his twin sister, Lady Margaret, but as he lies dying, there is only one way he can do so, switch identities with her. The Ferguson clan has no problems with a Lady laird, but convincing outsiders is another story.

Annabelle Evans regrets her estrangement from her sister, Fidelia. After the death of their father, she turns up in Bear Grass Springs, Montana Territory, to surprise her sister at her wedding, only to discover there is no wedding. The supposed groom, Cailean MacKinnon, wants nothing to do with marriage.

Revenge of the Corsairs
Elizabeth Ellen

For two long, excruciating years, debutante and artist Laura Cappleman was a prisoner in an Ottoman harem. Rescued by the gallant crew of the Calliope and learning that her captor Emir Selim Omar is dead and his household scattered, Laura wants nothing more than to return to her old, pampered life. There’s just one problem. She’s pregnant with Omar’s son.

After losing two women he loved, pirate Charles Moore, aka, Hatchet, is convinced he and his family are cursed. Desperate to prevent more heartbreak, he turns to the Widow Hope LeBlanc, a voodoo priestess, for help. When a priceless relic is stolen from Hope, she strikes a deal with Hatchet.