Double Crossing

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The only daughter of a wealthy businessman, Lily Granville has led a sheltered and pampered life.  Her biggest worry is whether her father will let her marry Charles and travel to China to do missionary work.  Lily’s life is suddenly turned upside down, however, when her father is murdered and a very important deed to a gold-mine goes missing.  Lily knows who committed the murder, she saw them escape. Unfortunately, it was set up to look like a suicide and no one will believe her assertions.  
Lily decides she is her father’s only hope for justice and sets out to run down the man behind destroying her life.  Charles agrees to travel with her, but it is in the drinking, gambling roustabout she hires for protection that she finds safety, with friends - as well as enemies - in unexpected places.
In this sweet romantic mystery, Ms. Mims has developed a delectably delightful cast of characters reminiscent of an old-time melodrama!  One can almost hear the hissing when the bad guys are mentioned, right along with the sighs when the hero enters the page!  While the characters seem rather juvenile at times and the drama leans to the cliched’, this rollicking western still rewards with good clean fun that keeps the reader guessing what will happen next and how good will actually prevail!
TJ Mackay