Donald: Pirates of Britannia Connected World (Sons of Sagamore Book 3)

Ruth A.

When relics expert Andrea Ricard meets Donald Eden, there is an instant attraction on both sides. She also meets his two brothers and their wives. Charlotte, one of the sisters-in-law, possesses some holy relics from the crusades. Before he died, her father, Maurice, promised to get the relics to the families of the fallen soldiers. Unfortunately, he could not remember whom all of them belonged to, so the family continued to keep them safe. Andrea buys a treasure map of sorts which mentions her mother’s family, putting her on a search for a holy relic. A signet ring Charlotte has is a piece of the puzzle Andrea is trying to solve. She asks Donald to accompany her and he gladly accepts. While they are on their adventure, they sense they are being followed. They are ambushed and get away, leaving them with many more questions than answers.         

“Donald: Sons of Sagamore” is an historical taking the reader back to the times following the crusades. Donald and Andrea are vibrant characters with realistic emotions with which the reader can empathize. As the two of them go on their travels, by both land and sea, the world is described so well one can easily imagine riding through the forests and rivers, and feel the swells of the ocean. Secondary characters, although necessary to fill out the plot, have little depth or personality. This tale is action packed with the hero always on alert for the next assault. There is foreshadowing and deception that leave our hero and heroine second guessing those they meet. This is an excellent addition to the “Pirates of Brittania Connected World Novels.”

Belinda Wilson