Don’t You Dare, My Dear (The Debutante Dares Book 4)


Edmund has set his sights on one woman only. Determined to either marry her or stay a bachelor forever, he can’t understand why Katherine is intent on refusing him. With Katherine’s sister married to Edmund’s father, she knows that it will mean her being tied to Chrissy forever if she does accept and that just won’t do. She has been cleaning up and taking care of Chrissy her entire life, and Katherine is ready to start her own life. When an assertive and relentless neighbor sets her sights on Edmund, he enlists Katherine’s help to find a prospective husband for her without her knowledge. With plan after plan going awry, Katherine and Edmund find themselves secretly finding comfort in each other’s arms. With tension and heat rising between the two, they must make the difficult decision to choose each other or the family they’ve been sheltering for so long.

Finding Katherine and Edmund to be unique and inspirational is no hard task. Both have cast aside their own needs in favor of taking care of family, a sacrifice many can relate to. Sparks flying from the very beginning, it does not take much to see that these two living in the same house would never work out as they are bound to find their way back to each other. A mix of unsavory and even obnoxious characters, who at times are whiny and selfish, detracts from the heart of the story. A more thorough editing could have made it a bit less confusing but did not diminish the overall storyline.  All in all, a sweet story packaged up with many surprises sure to delight!

Marie Sanderson