Don’t Cross the Countess


The Earl was murdered. Though his death was ruled an accident, Lady Sophia Gardner knows in her heart her husband was killed. Now she’ll do whatever it takes to find out why. But as soon as she begins investigating, the attempts at her own life begin. Little do her assailants know that the Countess is not to be trifled with.

James is in love with Sofia. Her protection is paramount to his sanity. But keeping her safe is proving a daunting task given her tenacity and refusal to concede to men intent on her demise. With this kind of persistence, keeping his true identity from her may prove impossible.

Intrigue, suspense, and delicious-sounding food abound in “Don’t Cross the Countess”. Lady Sophia’s moxie is refreshing and her love story truly sexy. While ripe with interesting plot lines, the flow unfortunately jerks about like a teenager using breaks for the first time. Just when we’re enthralled with the discovery of a new piece of evidence, everything takes a powder and stops for tea and pastries. While it sounds sinfully scrumptious and was probably the practice of the era, in the case of this book, all it serves is to slow down an otherwise jaunty ride around the park. Despite this, “Don’t Cross the Countess” is still a worthy read and the arrival of the next in the series is happily anticipated!

Sofia St. Angeles