Dog Soldier Moon


Post Civil War. The story of Dobey Walls and Jimmy “Boss” Melton continues in the sequel to “No Good Like It Is”. One will follow their story of taking money from a robbery,  a Yankee payroll. Little do they know that their actions have put two Pinkerton Detectives on their trail for taking money that didn’t belong to them, even if they aren’t the ones who stole it originally. Plans are to make Canadian Fort a place for travelers to trade their hides, take comfort in a woman and liquor. While away selling their buffalo hides, a horrible crime takes place in their community. Dobey and Boss decide to take the law into their own hands, and hunt down the men who caused irreparable damage to their families. While one follows their travels, one will also get to know and learn about Black Kettle, Meotzi, the “Boy General” Custer and J.B. Hickok, along with the massacre of Black Kettle’s Cheyenne camp.


Mr. Long has an amazing knowledge of guns and ammunition, and he uses his knowledge frequently and to good effect in this story. The cast of characters, however, is so extensive that one has a hard time keeping them straight, which also causes the story to bounce around quite a bit.  It might help keep the confusion to a minimum if one has read the first book in the series. As a warning, there is a rape scene which isn’t overly graphic, and a somewhat graphic depiction of a violent massacre. Overall, one must give kudos to Mr. Long for his historical accuracy, dialogue and extensive research into the massacre and the story. 


Lynne Bryant