Divine Gamble


Maisy Macoubrie has been in hiding since she witnessed her former lover murder her father in cold blood. She seeks refuge with her aunt in order to raise her son, and Maisy travels the circuit dealing faro in saloons to provide for her boy and keep the cold-blooded killer away. When she saves a gunman in an alley, it changes everything. The Preacher never wanted to be a gunman, but circumstances have forced his hand. When he is ordered to track Maisy down it does not sit well — and he decides to save her instead. Maisy’s son complicates things, as does Maisy herself. It is a gamble to take on a killer but the payoff could be more than either of them ever expected.

“Divine Gamble” is a wild western romance with unique main characters. Somewhere between proper and scandalous, Maisy stands out among typical western heroines. The Preacher, for his part, is a bundle of contradictions. Maisy’s son and the villain provide plenty of plot movement as well, making this tale thoroughly engrossing. Although the characters are three-dimensional and compelling, the plot itself is a bit predictable, and the romance feels more steamy than deep. Still, the characters are so well done that readers will be sad to see the story end.

Sarah E Bradley