A Distant Horizon


The potato blight has devastated Ireland. Ellen Kittrick’s family is left struggling to survive. As tragedies continue to befall the family, Ellen must be strong enough to not only help her family survive, but carve out a life where they can thrive. Ellen must learn who she can trust and make the hard decisions no one else is willing to make, like working for an Englishman, and considering emigration. Rafe Hamilton, an Englishman making a name for himself - despite his father’s reputation, is sure he can help the Kittrick family, and is intent on not only building a fortune, but helping the less fortunate in Ireland.

This historically accurate and heart-wrenching story follows the tumultuous road of Ellen’s life. Ellen is a strong and capable heroine who captivates the reader from the beginning. As the fantastical events unfold, some of the tragedies the family faces are not as well developed as they could be and seem brushed aside, leaving the reader with questions. Rafe Hamilton, an Englishman determined to be of help, is a complex and endearing man. There isn’t a romantic relationship for most of the book, just an idea that there could be one. The lack of the development of a relationship makes the heartache of the characters harder to trust. All the decisions Ellen must make are to protect her children and family and provide them the best chance at happiness, leaving the reader to wonder if happiness is in Ellen’s future or just a distant dream. This gripping tale leaves the reader aching for more, and desperate for the rest of Ellen’s story.

Cara Cieslak