Disrupting the Duke (Dukes Done Wrong Book 3)


Donovan Martin is the second son of the Duke of Haverhill. Donovan’s brother, Sam, and his mother are the only ones who pay any attention to him. When Donovan’s mother meets with a tragic end, Donovan is blamed and sent away to Turner Academy. Lady Wynter Day, daughter of Lord Cheston, is best friends with Sam. While traveling, Sam and the Duke are killed instantly in an accident, so Donovan, now Duke of Haverhill, is summoned home from the military. As Donovan learns to be a duke, his feelings for Wynter grow. Sadly, Wynter plans never to marry and believes she is unfit to be a wife. Donovan doesn’t care. He loves Wynter’s unconventionality and his plan is to make her his duchess. If only he can convince Wynter that she can still be herself while married to him.
Ms. Alexa Aston writes a marvelous historical romance filled with heartfelt drama and a beautiful love story, all rolled into one! The book starts morosely with a lot of death within the first couple of chapters. Luckily, it moves quickly over the tragedies, not getting hung up on catastrophe. But then it abruptly moves to the supposedly unorthodox relationship between the hero and heroine, which hastily happens, especially since it is attraction at first sight. The plot jumps from the childhood trauma to the adult, arrogant hero, Donovan, which feels a bit jarring. Because of this, readers may have a hard time connecting with him. Wynter, the fiery, independent heroine, is easily likable, despite her fear of marriage. Overall, however, the book is a satisfying, pleasant read with definite emotion throughout!

Roslynn Ernst