The Dishonored Viscount (Diamonds in the Rough, #8)


Since his father was hanged for murder, Marcus Berkly has worked to reinvent himself outside the aristocracy. He’s become one of the most talented ophthalmologists in London, and avoids society in favor of spending his time with his patients. Marcus’ orderly world is thrown into chaos when he meets Lady Louise who hopes his progressive methods can save her from a lifetime of painful eye surgeries that don’t offer permanent sight. Deceiving her father, Louise arranges for the surgery and falls in love with Marcus during her recovery, but their future together is very bleak given his destroyed reputation and her parents’ opposition.

This is a unique premise that evolves into a heartwarming story of love and acceptance that will appeal to many readers. This plot provides a new spin on the caregiving trope, a disability representation in the visually impaired heroine, and a hero in need of redemption through no fault of his own. Some readers may lose patience with the amount of wavering that occurs within the inner monologues of both main characters as each tries to decipher the other’s feelings, which does become rather repetitive. Despite this, the story is difficult to put down and remains solid until some rather un-cohesive plot devices come into play during the latter portion of the narrative, throwing off the cohesion somewhat. Nonetheless, readers who stick with the story will emerge out of this discombobulation and into a satisfying ending with a heroine who knows her own mind and is eventually willing to eschew the obedience she was raised to embody and stand up for what she wants and deserves.

Niki Price