A Discreet Gentleman of Consequence

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SUSPENSE:  With his six foot, six inch frame, Lord Brander Edvard Hansen, Baron of Hamar, could easily be mistaken for a Norse god. Until he speaks—or doesn’t. Brander is deaf - but that doesn’t stop him from becoming a “discreet gentleman of discovery”. In fact, it makes him the best at his trade—especially when acting as his alter ego, Lord Olaf Olson. A mere six months ago, Brander married the enchanting blue-eyed Lady Regin Kildahl, Baroness of Hamar. His love for her has exceeded his every expectation and she has already proven herself invaluable to him. His new case involves a murder/suicide and her woman’s instincts and keen mind aid him in ways he couldn’t anticipate—never mind what she does for him as a man with many ghosts.  

"A Discreet Gentleman of Consequence" is the third in a series, and yet Tualla does an amazing job crafting a novel that stands without having to lean on its predecessors. Her masterful mix of romance, intrigue, and mystery keep the reader entranced from start to finish.  One minor inconsistency causes a trip toward the end but, overall, the flow and editing are refreshingly flawless. This unique story with the rarity of a deaf hero and his challenges makes "A Discreet Gentleman of Consequence" achingly beautiful, creating a series demanding a place of honor on the precious shelf space of avid readers.   

Sandy Ponton