A Discarded Pearl (A Marsden Romance #5)


Pearla Montgomery never thought she would spend her wedding night locked up on a pirate ship! After falling in love with the Duke of Huntly, Pearla never thought her wedding would be interrupted by the arrival of the Duke’s presumed dead wife. After fleeing London to nurse her broken heart, she foolishly signs up for the first ship leaving port and finds herself locked in a cabin with Damian, Conte Leone. Damian didn’t expect to be locked in a cabin with the beautiful Pearla when he got into a fight with the pirates who kidnapped his sister. But despite their circumstances, he can’t seem to stop the attraction he feels for the woman with a broken heart. With danger all around, will Pearla and Damian escape the pirates with their lives and their hearts or will more destruction follow?


A historical romance involving pirates, and London society, this is the fifth book in the “Marsdan Romance” series and it picks up right where the previous book left off. A short, quick read, time passes rapidly in this story, with much of the conflict and danger occurring off screen and some miscommunication thrown in for good measure. Some plot threads are never explained or are glossed over, making this less of a romance and more "lust at first sight". Still, "A Discarded Pearl" brings back fun characters from previous books and ties up loose ends which fans of this series will appreciate, making this a good finish to the series.


Sarah E. Bradley