Diana: DeWolfe Pack Connected World (The DeWolfes of Esterly Castle Book 1)


Making a youthful mistake with the stable boy, Lady Diana DeWolfe finds herself with child. When her father finds out, he gives her an ultimatum: have the baby in secret and give it away, or she will be exiled from the family forever. Determined to keep her child, she is exiled. Seven years later, both parents are dead, and her brother Derek welcomes her and her twins home. Thea, her sister, is going to London for her first season and takes Diana with her to find a husband and father for her children. They agree to keep the twins a secret from Diana’s suitors, lest the scandal of their birth scare the suitors away. At the library, Diana is entranced when she locks eyes with Lord Oliver Merrifield. He immediately thinks she is “the one”. Will Oliver be repelled by Diana’s secret?

“Diana” is a fast and interesting read. Her father, with his tempestuous temper, is larger than life and adds dimension to this story. The character Diana is well-written and is three dimensional. In contrast, the secondary characters in the story are weak and have no depth. Oliver, though charming, has little complexity or strength of character. The story’s focus is entirely on Diana and ignores the hero. Only Diana’s flaws are shown, as are her internal and external conflicts. A story arc is lacking, the climax is deficient, and the world building is virtually nonexistent. This story has great potential if it is lengthened to a novel and more detail is worked in. This is the first book in a new series featuring the DeWolfe family.

Belinda Wilson