Devoted to the Duke (The St. Clairs Book 1)


Lady Catherine Crawford is ready for her first season. Catherine doesn’t expect to fall in love so suddenly until she runs into the handsome, Jeremy St. Clair, heir to the Duke of Everton. They spend a wonderful evening in each other’s company and promise to see each other the next day. However, disaster strikes both Jeremy and Catherine. Jeremy’s father passes away that night and Catherine is injured in a carriage accident that leaves her father paralyzed and her mother dead. One small mistake leaves Jeremy to think that Catherine died as well, so he marries someone else. Five years later, Catherine needs a husband and Jeremy needs a mother for his child. Their paths cross again, but this time a secret stands in the way.

This historical romance is a rollercoaster of emotion! Catherine is enchanting. She embodies strength, which makes her the perfect character to admire. Jeremy is the kind of man anyone would want. There is no doubt that they are a great match. Even though the circumstances with both the characters seem a little far-fetched, the story will still pull the heartstrings. Blackmail and dark secrets weave a touch of suspense into the plot, adding a nice layer of depth to this emotional tale. The pace flows perfectly and makes it nearly impossible to put down. Not only that, but the details regarding London social life are fascinating. Overall both characters experience heartbreaking events but their perseverance in the darkest times will make readers hope and pray for a happy ending. 

Amanda Hupe