A Devilish Slumber (The Rue Alliance #1)


PARANORMAL/MYSTERY/FAIRYTALE:  Sir Phillip is a spy – a vocation he believes in, for he brings along justice and serves his country. It is not, however, a career that leaves much room for love – especially considering the one he loves was an assignment and lost her family as consequence.


Lady Roselyn Ravenstock has a secret. Well, several, but the one about being able to shape shift trumps them all. Ever since Philip’s betrayal and her sister’s death she has let life overtake her. However, upon learning there are others with similar powers, she feels awake again. But then a friend is murdered, she is spotted at the scene, Philip investigates and she helps him while in the guise of a man. When you can’t trust anything you see…things are bound to get complicated.


 A gorgeous twist on mysteries, romances and fairytales! As far as cocktails go it doesn’t get much better than this. Ms. Vedam lures a reader in with a mystery and makes them stay by tugging on their heartstrings. Rose and Philip are endearing, and watching the byplay of Rose (as Rose)-Philip and Rose (as her alter ego)-Philip is especially amusing. Interwoven genres give this story a fresh feel, but perhaps there was an opportunity missed to make the mystery a bit more twisted and keep the readers guessing longer, with the possibilities inherent in hiding behind someone else’s face. Still, it’s a fantastic tale and not one to be missed by lovers of magic and love. Furthermore, the vivid side characters promise many more delightful tales in this series, so let the countdown begin!


Mimi Smith