The Devil in Plaid


MEDIEVAL:  Fiona is the daughter of Laird MacDonnell. She knows that she will be used as a tool for alliances to bring peace to the constantly feuding clans. However, when her betrothed is murdered by his uncle who takes control of clan MacKenzie, Clan MacDonnell must forge an alliance with the clan MacLeod. The only problem is, to Fiona, this is a fate worse than death. MacDonnell women have heard nothing else except that MacLeod men beat and torture their wives. When Fiona meets her new betrothed, Jamie MacLeod, he definitely matches that description. He is hard and fierce. Jamie has no respect for MacDonnell women, thinking they are all heartless and disloyal.  Can these two put aside their prejudices and unite to fight a common enemy?

What an amazing story about overcoming prejudices and judgements! This book just proves that one can’t judge a person based on rumors and first impressions. Emotions run extremely high between Jamie and Fiona. The action, the passion and adventure make this an extremely fast-paced novel. Too fast, in fact. The characters seem to change overnight. Fiona starts off frightened and desperate but quickly morphs into a courageous woman ready to take on any challenge. Jamie is stubborn and at times his emotions paint him as cruel, but that is not the real Jamie. Readers will love reading about these characters who break down barriers to reveal their true selves. Those who pick up this enchantingly epic book will want to read it in one sitting!

Amanda Hupe