The Devil in The Duke: (A Revelry's Tempest Novel)


Logan lost his wife in the Spanish War yet is still overcome with grief ten years later as he searches for any woman who resembles her. By chance he comes across such a woman, and, make no mistake, it is his wife after all, as if she has come back from the dead. He confronts her only to discover she does not remember him at all. When the possibility that this new life she has without him is a better choice, he resigns himself to allowing her her peace. When Sienna remembers a sliver of her memory, she is determined to keep Logan close. Much from both their pasts threatens to destroy their future, but the hope that love can conquer wins the decision.

With intriguing dual stories being told from the perspective of both the past and the present, the story lures readers to discover the mystery behind Logan's connection to Sienna. Readers will click with Logan early on, and he becomes more and more appealing, with his honor, sense of duty and sex appeal. Sienna is no damsel in distress either. She’s feisty and strong yet sweet, making her Logan's perfect match and enticing readers to fall for her character as well. The love between Logan and Sienna is so intense and beautiful it is one of the best parts of the book. Full-throated action, hidden secrets, and eccentric characters add a lot of interest and depth. The many twists that surprise and delight keep the pages alive and turning enthusiastically. With all the elements that make up an awesome historical romance this book has it all!

Maggie Faria