The Devil’s Match

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Ludovic DeVere has returned from overseas where he has spent the better part of his time living a morally unrestrained life and learning the secrets of Eastern sexuality. On his return to England his licentiousness continues, indulging in opium, alcohol and sex. For four years he has gratified every amoral act he can to rid himself of his feelings for Diana. But DeVere is tiring of his lifestyle. Meeting up again with Diana only reinforces this belief and he realizes that he still wants her as much as ever.
Diana, accompanying her goddaughter to London for her come-out hoped never to lay eyes on DeVere again. He had cruelly left her four years ago with neither explanation nor regret. She is angry, resentful and bitter.
Unknown to Diana, DeVere's abrupt departure was to protect her good name. He is not the reprobate he appears to be. He hides his caring and responsibility, and even decency behind a facade of unrestrained liberty and debauchery. He protects his younger brother, Hew. He cares for both his undeserving parents. This is a man who believes his tainted seed should never be passed on. Previously seen as only a manipulative seducer, the reasons for his choice of lifestyle are revealed. And Ms. Vane has turned this erstwhile crude, unlikable boor into a totally unforgettable figure and a true romantic hero.
The real Diana finally appears in this story as well. Her heart has been broken and she has suffered. Now we see a woman, equal to DeVere, finally bringing this man to his knees. The love scenes are certainly more erotic than the author’s previous novellas in this series, but this is in accord with the lustful, libertine DeVere.
Ms Vane has neatly and sweetly tied up this series. It is without a doubt one of the finest historical romance novella series in print!  With great attention to historical detail, developed characters, beautiful prose, enchanting romances and sensual, yet tasteful love scenes, a romance reader couldn't ask for more!
Jill MacKenzie