Destiny with a Duke (Dukes Done Wrong Book 5)


Ostracized from his family because of a fatal occurrence, young Finch is sent to Turner Academy, a school for troubled youth. He is in a room with four other boys, who are wrongly accused of atrocities, and Turner is their punishment. Calling themselves the Turner Terrors, they bond for life. Now four terrors are Dukes and Finch is a vicar. Finch passionately enjoys his work. When he learns he is the next Duke of Sommersby, Finch is horrified! His friends and their wives come to the rescue and school him in the manners of a Duke. He is determined not to wed, but at his first ball, he catches sight of Lady Victoria. Much to his chagrin, the terrors sign him up to dance the supper dance with her. This is the beginning of a beautiful romance.
“Destiny with a Duke” is the last book in the Dukes Done Wrong series. The chemistry between Finch and Victoria is pure magic. Vivid descriptions of the characters and the scenes make the book come alive submerging the reader within it. Disturbing subjects within the story are child sexual abuse, suicide, and sexual abuse of a woman. The Turner Terrors are lumped together as a unit joined at the hip, so there is little true character individuality. Finch acts implausibly, allowing his past demons to run his life, and bases every decision on his rage. The dialogue is sometimes jumbled, so it is hard to tell which duke is speaking. Although a standalone, the reader will get a better feel of the story if the other books are read, too. Overall, however, this is an enjoyable and interesting ending to the series.
*Trigger warning: child sexual abuse, suicide, and adult sexual abuse*
Belinda Wilson