Destiny’s Journey, Wheels of Destiny, Book 2

Cheri Kay

WESTERN:  Jennifer OMalley gets the shock of her life when she spots former love Glen Herrington in Libby Prison. She thought him dead the last nine years, and she cant let him be tortured and killed after being branded a spy. After arranging his escape she assumes shell never see him again. However, after the war and the death of her husband, she, her sister and son move to the Colorado Territory to live with their brother. There she sees Glen again, only this time hes been arrested for being a notorious outlaw. But things are not always as they seem and there are two sides to every story. Will Glen survive long enough to tell Jennifer his, and will Jennifer have the strength to tell him hers?


Starting in the East this historical romance quickly heads West to the rough and dangerous Colorado Territory. Is Fate a fickle mistress or are some things just meant to be? Despite a vast land, Jennifer and Glen manage to end up in the same general area. Despite the hurts in the past, their feelings for each other havent dimmed a bit, but there seems to be insurmountable odds to overcome. Alternating viewpoints give a well-rounded feel to the story, the pace is steady and the writing competent. Unfortunately, the brevity tends to shortchange the character development. While likeable they have an incomplete feel, frustrating this reader who wants to delve into the good, the bad and the ugly. However, with the last page turned, this feel-good tale will leave one with a smile as wide as the Rockies.


Carol Conley