Destiny’s Bride


WESTERN:  Banker's daughter Cecile Palmer has lived a pampered life. When she falls in love at first sight with Walt Williams, her life changes completely. As she struggles to learn how to become a farmer’s wife and live with no amenities, she matures into a woman. When her husband doesn’t return from getting winter supplies she’s faced with a difficult dilemma. Things become even more complicated when a wounded Indian brave appears on her doorstep. Facing a winter alone with no supplies, she accompanies Lone Eagle to his village. She is accepted by the tribe and as Cecile embraces her new way of life she falls in love with her brave. However, when she finds out that Walt is alive, she’s faced with a heartbreaking decision.


This historical love story, a portrayal of life and romance on the Dakota Plains in the 1860’s, takes an interesting spin from the oft-told tale of a white woman living among the Indians. With endearing characters and an interesting story line, readers will be   captivated by the novel. However, the many editing issues, a slow start, and the underdevelopment of the first few chapters stilts the flow of the story. It quickly picks up speed and fleshes out once the character of Lone Eagle is introduced. Along with its descriptive scenes of the life of the Sioux Indians, this novel gives one a dynamic glimpse into a different time and way of life. With many twists and turns, a good plot, and heartwarming romance, readers will find this to be an enjoyable read.


Janna Shay