Mary T.

WESTERN:  Ahyoka is the much beloved daughter of a Cherokee White Chief. Ever since her mother died he’s done everything in his power to keep her safe and protected, but as Ahyoka grows she starts to chafe at the restrictions placed on her. When her father grants her request for alone time, she doesn’t hesitate to explore the surrounding area, finding an abandoned cabin she adopts as her special place. When settler Charlie Sexton comes along and claims it as his own, Ahyoka is upset yet intrigued by the pale man she’s only ever seen in her dreams. Has destiny spoken? Are two very different people meant to be together?  

If one is looking for a sweet, clean, historical romance then this story will be a perfect fit. Charlie and Ahyoka are from different cultures and yet they dream of each other, so there’s a bit of the mystical involved here as well. However, there are several issues that bear mentioning. There is no year or region mentioned which is frustrating to a reader trying to build the world inside their mind. It’s obviously a historical piece and yet there are modern expressions mixed in with historical information. In addition, Charlie and Ahyoka experience over-the-top insta-love which is a tad hard to swallow. The narrative also lacks consistent description, causing the pace to lag or leap unpredictably, a fact exacerbated by an erratic timeline. However, the basis of a wonderful and fascinating romance is here. If the problem areas could be smoothed out it would most definitely be sigh-worthy.

Carol Conley