Destined for Love (Runaway Medieval Wives #3)


A cloud of woe has descended on Wakefield, home to Drake Harcourt, knight and son of the earl. In the space of two days, Drake’s life as captain of the guard and loving son is turned upside down when he loses both parents and is forced out by his conniving half-brother. Lady Faylinn D’Albert has made the best of her life as baroness of Gaynesford, even though her husband is thirty-six years her senior. She has dutifully tended to the estate, her ailing husband, and tried to befriend his viperous daughter. It seems no good deed goes unpunished. When Faylinn is slandered and physically attacked, she flees with the handsome knight, Sir Drake Harcourt. Her brave escort is the only one who knows the truth about her attack. Danger lies both ahead and behind as the desperate pair plunge through the countryside in a race to reach safety.

“Destined for Love” has everything one craves from a love story set in the English Middle Ages. Medieval medicine, castle life, and the social mores of the time bring this exciting, emotional tale to life. Treacherous familial behavior, the plight of women, and the heavy hand of the monarchy are just a few of the expertly showcased pitfalls of the time in this well-researched period tale. Though the beginning is a slight downer, it does serve to move the plot forward. Alexa Aston has created a believable love story between deeply deserving characters. This book is brimming with adventure, deceit, and heart-warming romance. Readers will love this page-turner and its thoroughly satisfying conclusion.

Starling Gray