A Desperate Journey

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Sally Wheeler was married just weeks before her seventeenth birthday to a charming man she believed was everything she could ever want.  Things change - suddenly.  Luke quickly turned out to be her worst nightmare.  Now everything she has is gone:  her house, her money, her husband... and he has taken their son with him. With only the note to go by, Sally is frantic but determined to get her son back no matter what the cost.
Rob Truman has spent five long years in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and now he is going to get vengeance. He will find Luke Wheeler if it takes him the rest of his life.  His search takes him to the small town but discovers Luke has run-off again. Rob decides the quickest way to track him is to follow Luke’s woman. Unfortunately that woman turns out to be everything he has ever dreamed of. Too bad she is married to the man he will kill.
What an interesting twist to the an average Western theme!  Ms. Parmley creates circumstances that are believable yet drives them in new and creative ways.  The relationship between Sally and Rob would have been much more realistic if the strong attraction had grown gradually, rather than hard-on lust upon first sight.  As it stood, there was nowhere to progress for awhile so the thoughts and desires became somewhat repetitive.  The journey itself also moved at a plodding pace at times.  Even so, the story is just unique enough and the climax and resolution exciting enough that it is well worth the read!
Ruth Lynn Ritter