The Desire of a Lady (The Sisters of the Aristocracy Book 3)

Linda Rae

Lily Harkins is the talk of London. The illegitimate half-sister of Gabriel Wellingham, Earl of Trenton, she has now been recognized by the earl as his sister. He has given her both his protection and an incredible dowry. There are four members of the ton who are seeking her hand in marriage and the earl wants to hear about every one of them. There is also a single commoner with whom she has a past that is interested. Each night at dinner, Lily regales them with a tale about one of her suitors from the ton, always portraying them in a poor light.


The premise behind the story is quite unique - a maid becoming one of the ton. The characters are lively and entertaining. The stories within the main story are another enjoyable feature of this novel. Due to the shortness of the stories that Lily tells, the suitors tend to fall flat, which may be intentional.  Although there is little substance to the suitors, they each have their own undeniably different personalities.  Ms. Sande delivers a unique and thought provoking tale that is different from the typical Regency novel. This is a must have for anyone looking for something special for their home library!


Belinda Wilson