Desire’s Fury (Viking’s Fury) (Volume 2)


Now that he is to become the leader of his people, Roald Blood Axe cannot tolerate his own misgivings. Although filled with rage and hatred of his own brother, honor dictates he finds a way to help his brother's new wife when she mysteriously falls ill.  Eva wishes she was a true healer like her mother, but she could find no place within her own tribe for acceptance.  While hunting for herbs she encounters Roald and is convinced to accompany him to tend his sister-in-law.  Although they are taken with each other, will two tribes, two stubborn streaks and a million differences come between Roald Blood Axe and Eva, or can they form a stronger union?


Vikings abound in the second installment for this series set in 867 AD.  Roald Blood Axe, new Jarl of his tribe, is a brutish man of honor.  Verbally exerting a strong personality, Eva wants to be independent and never subservient to any man.  However, readers may raise a brow at Eva’s change of heart when she stays with Roald after she stated her desire to return to her homeland.  When Eva disappears, Roald indicates his immediate intent to search for her.  Readers may be confused by the scene change here - to the aftermath of a celebration of Roald being crowned as Jaral, not the search as he indicated. Readers may be inclined to seek out the first book in this series, if only to satisfy the curiosity they have about the feud between the brothers, however this story solidly lands as a stand-alone and a happily-ever-after tale.


Jordyn Teel