Derek: De Wolfe Pack Connected World (The de Wolfes of Esterly Castle Book 2)


Lady Amelia wonders when it will be her turn to find wedded bliss. Everyone around her seems to be getting married. She is determined to marry for love and has her heart set on Derek de Wolfe. However, she overhears him say that he is not interested in her. Brokenhearted, she makes a quick decision to marry Lord Merrifield. He has quite the reputation, but she believes she will be happy. That thought is short-lived when she discovers he has a male lover and never intends to consummate their marriage. He makes her swear not to say anything in fear of a scandal. Derek de Wolfe has always loved Amelia, but now that she is wed to someone else. It is too late. Or is it?

This is one of those romance stories that will have readers aching for the hero and heroine to be together! Amelia and Derek are those types of characters that seem meant to be together despite everything that stands in their way. Their decision making, however, makes it difficult to feel bad for them. They give up easily or make drastic decisions, which they immediately regret. The villain is fantastic, with more depth than the other characters. He is cruel but is acting out because he lives in a society that will not accept him. Unfortunately, there is no build-up of romance. This story is very fast-paced which makes it difficult to see why Amelia and Derek fall in love. Although, all the drama makes it entertaining. If readers are looking for a short, sweet, historical novel filled with drama, then this is it!

Amanda Hupe