Derailed (The Dominion Falls Series, #2)


Jane Doe's situation looks bleak as she struggles to learn her true identity.  Amnesia has clouded her memory but not the horror of her nightmares.  Clara, a mother, wife and killer, has a warrant for her arrest.  Jane will be the one to pay the price with a hangman's noose for Clara's crimes if she cannot find the truth before the marshal does.  With the help of Cole Mitchell and friends who believe in her innocence she may just thwart the law this time around, but hiding from a killer and carrying a child that she hopes will be her piece of Cole forever is weighing on her heart. 

"Derailed" is the second book in this series.  Jane continues to discover her past while trying to maintain some stability and happiness in her present situation. She is a character that shows remarkable strength and wisdom. The reader is in shock and awe of her story and hopes she finds love.  Cole is a stubborn man with his own past but is amiable towards Jane, and although he tries to fool himself he does have a heart.  As the content in the first book is so vital to fully appreciate and understand the characters and story it is recommended to read the first book prior to this one. A tangled turn of events takes place and the ending will have you balled up in knots waiting for book three!


 Margaret Faria