Delighting the Duke (Dukes Done Wrong #4)


Aaron Hartfield is sent away to Turner Academy when he is a young boy after he was accused of killing his younger brother in a swimming accident. Despite his anger, he grows fond of the academy and developes long, lasting friendships with the other boys. Years later, after being in the war against Napoleon, Aaron is told to return home to claim his title after his older brother dies. Shortly after coming home, he runs into Lady Olivia, a bluestocking saving a kitten. He is enthralled by her confidence and beauty and knows she must become his duchess.

Historical romance novels tend to come dry and slow, but Alexa Aston creates an engaging read. From the first chapter, readers are engaged in Aaron Hartfield and his family dynamic as he is accused of killing his younger brother, despite having been the one to always look out for him. As he grows up in the comforts of Turner Academy, readers get a glimpse of the other Dukes that are in the other novels. The emotion is raw and compelling throughout every chapter as readers eagerly wait for Aaron to propose to Olivia. However, it was a breath of fresh air to see a romance that isn’t forced. From start to finish their relationship is taken slowly and realistically. Readers get a strong sense of who each character is and how their behavior will affect the storyline. The amount of detail put into developing each character and building their relationships plays a huge role in keeping the reader engaged with the tale.

Sadie Wilson