Defending the Duke (The St. Clairs Book 4)


Laurel Wright’s mother can’t work, so Laurel and her brother work instead—especially since the rent has gone up and the new owner where Laurel works demands that she becomes his mistress.  When Laurel’s mother dies she finds a letter from the previous Duke of Everton. Laurel goes to the current Duke, Jeremy St. Clair, and his family to get money. Nevertheless, the St. Clair’s instantly accept Laurel. Laurel is immediately thrust into high society. As Laurel attempts to figure out the ‘ton’, she meets Anthony Godwin, Duke of Linfield. When Anthony and Laurel are caught in a compromising situation, they are forced to wed.  As Anthony slowly warms up to Laurel, he finds out that he actually loves her, but can he prove his love before his anger ends up pushing her away entirely?

This wonderful regency story definitely goes through many changes! The book goes from harsh gritty emotional scenes of neglect to vicious fights, yet still the overall tone is not too dark, keeping a light feel. It will be hard not to go through the gamut of emotions while reading this book. The well-crafted plot moves beautifully, and the story is nicely written, moving from the slums to the rich society of London with ease. The St. Clair’s overall are just a wonderful family! Laurel, the strong determined heroine despite her dire situation, manages to be likable and relatable. Anthony, on the other hand, is the quintessential tortured hero, tormented just enough for readers to truly sympathize with and slowly fall for. This is a great book to not only cry over but feel joy when everything works out superbly!

Roslynn Ernst