The Defender and the Dove: A Men of Blood Companion Novella (World of de Wolfe Pack)


Columba deMorney does everything to keep body and soul together since the death of her mother. The local lord’s son, George Stalworth, is doing everything he can to sabotage her business, and her only recourse is to marry him. She knows he does not love her; he just wants to use her to get to her wealthy French relatives, one of whom is a duke. Morgan “Mac” MacEwan is a Knight of the Homme du Sang charged with a quest from his commander. He must find Nanette deMorney in Chatteris and escort her back because her life is in danger from Cardinal Calleaux. On the way, Mac, shot with an arrow, falls from his horse. He manages to climb back on his horse, before falling unconscious. Where will his horse take him? Will Mac be able to accomplish his quest in his weakened state? Or has the arrow sealed his fate?

“The Defender and the Dove” keeps the reader engaged with its fast pace and fascinating major characters. One can easily picture the hero and heroine by their descriptions and be mesmerized by Columba’s violet eyes. Ms. Winchester’s descriptions of Columba nursing Mac back to health are overly detailed and repetitive. George Stalworth is shallow with little depth of character. At the very end, a new character, Pierre is introduced and his violet eyes are mentioned, but a tie-in is never given as to how he relates to Columba. This novella is sweet, with the innocence of new romance. Although short, it encompasses everything needed for an all-inclusive story. This promises to be an exciting series!

Belinda Wilson