December Heart (The Silver Foxes of Westminster Book 1)

Mariah Travers is nearing thirty years old and destined to life as a spinster. After being jilted years earlier, she has lost faith in finding love — that is, until her father finds her a husband nearly twice her age. Lord Peter deVere may be a little older, but he is in great health. He is also desperate for an heir so his malevolent nephew, William, does not inherit his estate. Surprisingly, Peter and Mariah seem to be a perfect match, but how long will that last with William causing mischief? Will William drive a wedge between the newlyweds, who are so deserving of love? Peter and Mariah must learn to support and protect one another if they are to survive.
Readers who love good old fashioned melodramas will fall head over heels in love with this story. The pace never slows down. There are laugh-out-loud moments, tearjerker moments and those that end in romantic sighs. The author gives life to her relatable characters. Mariah is tough and intelligent but kind. She does have a tendency to throw tantrums often and stay mad for very long periods which may annoy readers, however. Peter has had a difficult life; he is broken and needs love. It is enchanting to read about Mariah and Peter falling in love. Even though the book is a romance, there is a dash of suspense as well, with a villain one might visualize twisting his long mustache waiting to tie the girl to a train! Readers who love light, slightly over-the-top fun will pick up this book and never want to put it down.
Amanda Hupe