A December with a Duke (Seductive Scoundrels Book 3)


Everleigh Chatterton wanted nothing more than to marry and have a family of her own. The cruelties of fate, however, chose to tie her to an abusive husband and rob her of her chance at motherhood. Now a widow, she refuses to ever consider remarrying, though her heart aches to know the joy of being a mother. Griffin, Duke of Sheffield, is intrigued by the ice-princess facade of Everleigh Chatterton. Unfortunately, the widow has made it quite clear that she will never marry again. 

With a child to raise, Griffin is determined to find a wife, but one who will accept the circumstances behind his daughter's birth. While Everleigh tries to keep her distance from the company at the Christmas party her friend has arranged, she cannot do the same with the Duke's daughter. As Griffin watches Everleigh gain the trust of his daughter, he discovers his perfect Duchess. Can he break down the walls surrounding her heart to prove that he is her perfect match?

"A December with a Duke" is a touching regency romance that will tug on the heartstrings. Everleigh's character and dignity make her a heroine readers will delight in rooting for. The Christmas setting adds a holiday spirit of miracles and love. While parts of the story feel as if they could have been developed even further, the main conflict will keep readers hooked until the last page is reached. Overall, "A December with a Duke" offers up a sweet, engaging tale of second chances that will warm the heart and satisfy the romantic soul!

Tricia Hill