Deceiving the Duke (Gems of London book 1)

Elizabeth Ellen Carter

Lady Ruby McAllister sets out on a mission. She is trying to get a share of the textile mill that the duke had promised her father. When a position for the duke’s night nurse opens up, Ruby sees a chance to get close to him so she can tell him about the share her father was supposed to inherit. Ruby’s plan is falling into place – until she runs into Seth Musgrave. Ruby and Seth have a connection that brings them together. Seth is estranged by his father, the duke, but is the one behind his father’s success. As Ruby’s plan progresses, her heart falls for Seth. However, Seth doesn’t know Ruby’s secret behind the reason why she was there taking care of the duke. As Ruby continues to fall for Seth, she is filled with guilt. Ruby doesn’t want to hurt Seth, but he has to know the real reason why she’s there. What will Ruby do? Will she tell Seth the real reason why she is helping the duke and run the risk of ruining their relationship? Or will Ruby follow through with her plan and keep her secret? 

“Deceiving the Duke” is a romance full of deception. Elizabeth Ellen Carter has a unique way of showing how two characters who come from opposite sides meet and fall for each other without even looking for love. Ruby’s heart is full of hatred toward the duke for deceiving her father from his share of the mill, but through the author’s clever imagery, she shows the readers how a person can change in an instant when they fall for someone. By the end, Ms. Carter not only shows readers how Ruby grows away from pure hatred to a place of understanding, she also shows how the duke came to be where he is as a person. With the spiciness of each turn of the page, the story draws the readers in as the relationship between Seth and Ruby intensifies. An addictive tale!

Stephanie Bell