The Debutante and the Duke: A Regency Romance (Seductive Scoundrels Book 11)


Orphan Rayne lives with her Aunt Everleigh and her husband Griffin by a house which has stood empty for some time. Unbeknownst to her relatives, Rayne sneaks over to the empty house because she loves the wisteria covered arbor. But on this day, just as she cleared the steps on the fence, she spies the most handsome man ever. The new owner speaks with a delightful Scottish brogue. He is Fletcher, Duke of Kincade. Fletcher tries to get Rayne to stay, but she stays on her side of the fence, talking with the Duke, as she walks home. Fletcher works with Griffin, so Rayne will be seeing him often. The next time Rayne encounters Fletcher, they are in Hyde Park. As Fletcher turns to ride off, he winks at Rayne. Goodness! She hopes no one saw!

“The Debutante and the Duke” is a lively read taking one along on the trials and tribulations in the courtship of Rayne. Fletcher is a very charismatic man with a charming brogue and definite ideas of his own. Rayne is slightly rebellious, adding spice to her overall character. She is also afraid of men, so it is a beautiful thing, watching her unfurl her petals as do the roses of which she is so fond. It is exciting to see the return of the Dukes and Duchesses from previous novels nicely tying the series together. The description of Fletcher’s overgrown and somewhat wild garden really adds ambiance to the story. Ms. Cameron certainly knows how to weave a beautifully executed love story which leaves her readers panting for more.

Belinda Wilson