Debating With the Duke (Second Sons of London, Book 2)


As a second son of a duke, Major Everett Wayland is firmly entrenched in the military way of life. His expectations have revolved around fighting the King’s wars for his entire adult life. When his brother is murdered, Ev suddenly finds himself thrust into a life he knows nothing about. Knowing marriage is his first priority and securing an heir his second, he enlists the help of socialite Lady Adalyn Goulding, a self-professed matchmaker. Adalyn proposes they make a list so she can find him the proper duchess-to-be. The only problem is that Adalyn wants to be his duchess, and she is the very opposite of what the Duke of Camden is looking for.

Readers will no doubt love this book! It has everything one wants in a Regency historical romance: drama, intrigue, ‘the Season’… and plenty of swoon-worthy moments. Delightful descriptions take readers from the middle of brutal battlefields to the English countryside, and then right into the middle of glittering ballrooms. The escalating tension between Ev and Addie will have readers turning pages as fast as they can read them. The premise of this book (and the series) is interesting, but one hopes that the way these second sons attain their new lives isn’t always with similar ends for their older brothers. Readers will enjoy the close-knit brotherhood of these second sons, their childhood stories, and shared trauma that creates a bond which is heartwarming and enduring. Best of all, the love story between Ev and Addie, who never expected to marry for love, will stay with readers for days after they’re finished reading.

Heather McCoubrey