Deadman's Revenge (The Deadman Series Book 3)


Marshal Matthew Wilcox has finally decided to retire as a lawman, study to become a lawyer, and work part-time from home so he can enjoy his life with his wife and children. However, when he arrives home, he finds his wife murdered and his life turned upside down. With a determined purpose, he sets off on a personal quest to bring the culprit who murdered his wife to justice. He encounters many obstacles and suffers numerous setbacks on his journey but never loses focus of his sole purpose, to find the man who murdered the love of his life and exact revenge.


This classic historical western, which takes place in the late 1800s, is the third book in the Dead Man Series but stands alone. Starting off a little slow as the background is set, this tale picks up steam as the story progresses with chapters shifting from the happenings of the bad guys to the happenings of the Marshal who is in pursuit. The characters are believable and engaging with a plot that progresses at a steady pace, despite the randomly changing points of view and editing issues that hinder the flow. Nonetheless, one is treated to an interesting and realistic look of the wildness of the west during that era. Readers of westerns, as well as historical fiction, will enjoy this somewhat dark tale of murder, loss, and revenge.  


Janna Shay